463955-001 KG298AA HP 90W Smart Pin Dongle AC Adapter Updated Compatibility

463955-001 Awhile back I wrote about the 90W KG298AA#ABA laptop ac adapter and ironically was recently notified by HP and Compaq that this power adapter spare part number was updated to 463955-001 which just includes a special dongle making it work with even more PC's. For anybody wondering about the size, it's just a 1" tiny cable you connect.

So now we know that part #'s KG298AA is now being sold under 463955-001 and here is the info exactly off the HP's master reference guide list: "90W AC Smart Tip power supply adapter - 100-240VAC input, 47-63Hz - 19.0VDC output, 4.74A, 90 watts, with power factor correction (PFC) - Includes smart tip dongle."

I went through and sorted the working list of laptops into something more reading friendly. If this information can help even just 1 person, then it'd be all worth it and my job is done. *Don't forget that 463955-001 is now the correct notebook ac part number for all of the laptop computer models and series below:

Compaq Presario A900 C700 CQ50-100 CQ60-100 CQ60-200 CQ60-300 CQ61-100 CQ70-100 CQ70-200 CQ71-100 F500 F700 V6500 V6600 notebooks.

HP HDX X16-1000 X16-1100 X16-1200 and HP G50-100 HP G6000 HP G60-100 HP G60-200 HP G7000 HP G70-100 HP G70-200 models use this 90W AC.

HP Pavilion dv2700 dv2800 dv6700 dv9700 dv2-1000 dv2600 dv2800 dv3-2000 dv3500 dv3600 dv4-1200 dv5-1000 dv5-1100 dv5-1200 dv6-1000 dv6-1100 dv6500 dv6600 dv6800 dv6900 dv7-1000 dv7-1100 dv7-1200 dv7-2000 dv9600 dv9800 tx1300 tx2000 tx2100 tx2500 tx2600 series models now use these laptop ac adapters.

I was also surprised to find out that this particular laptop ac adapter is also the new standard p/n for HP Mini Note and HP Mini 1100 series, HP TouchSmart tx2-1100 model and the HP G3200 notebook series.

If you need just the dongle adapter connector itself, you'll have to search and order hp compaq part number 414136-001. Bad news is the dongle is only available online (I would suggest trying eBay first) but on a good note, it is very cheap... costing no more than $5 shipped.

UPDATE AS OF 2/25/2011: Once again, HP has updated it's part number system and now this laptop ac adapter goes under 613153-001 but still is compatible with the same notebooks.

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  1. Bensen Waltman on March 30th, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    I was on the phone with hp for an hour and they couldn’t even help me but wanted $89.99 for this same part. HP will never get me to pay that, thank you for making me not overpay and make the mistake.

  2. How do you find enough time to write this blog? Im impressed.

  3. kahley vincent on July 11th, 2010 at 5:54 pm

    How you find ideas for articles, I am always lack of new ideas for articles. Some tips would be great for laptop replacement parts.

  4. Are you have an account in twitter? Write it here, please and I will follow you.

  5. The biggest problem with these power cords is that the outside is groud, the inside is 19v, and the center pin is 19v, and if the wire to the center pin breaks the laptop won’t accept it as a power source. (and they break a lot)

    Has anyone seen a pass-through dongle that takes a broken power supply with a dead center pin and jumpers the 19v to the dead center pin so you have the correct outputs again? I’m almost tempted to slide a piece of copper foil inside to short the center pin the the innner wall just to fix this issue.

  6. I have had my laptop for about 2 and a half years. The original AC adapter worked fine until one day it just wouldn’t power my laptop. I realized that there was a large chip in the black rim around the part that plugs into the laptop. I then bought 2 AC adapters on eBay from someone random but said that were compatible with my computer.

    I ended up getting 3rd party Chinese brand models which the first one lasted about a month. Eventually, when I plugged my computer up, the screen would brighten and then dim (as if the adapter was suddenly not detected). I would twist the plug in part and in just the right position my computer would start charging again. Eventually the charger failed altogether and I found the other chinese brand laptop power supply and it lasted a little longer than the other one but it is starting to do the same thing (screen dim and won’t charge even when plugged in).

    I went to the laptop manufactures website and the adapter that they sell for my model is about $89.99 which is a very high price along with horrible reviews. Can you help me to find a original ac that isn’t expensive and works with my notebook?

    Also can I fix the ones I already have? Is it because there from another country, built cheap, what should I do? I don’t mind if I buy off ebay again if you could tell me a seller that you know sells quality ac adapters. I don’t want to keep spending money on items that don’t last… i’ll soon be up to paying for the one they charge $89.99! Thanks to you or anyone who can help!

  7. Carol,

    The jack in the laptop most likely has a bad solder joint usually caused by carelessly plugging and unplugging the adapter into the jack over time. You can save money ahead of time if the laptop is worth the cost of having a professional computer technician fix it now before it end’s up causing damage to the laptop motherboard in which you would have to buy and replace the complete motherboard.

  8. Bardic,

    Have you tried a docking station or port replicator. Some charge when snapped in from the bottom.

  9. Your ansewr was just what I needed. It’s made my day!

  10. Queenie,

    I am happy to have made your day. Also great to hear that I answered questions you had about laptop ac adapters and power supplies Take care.

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